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GrizeR is a reminder software, which allows you to manage a list of your friends and family, select
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7 December 2010

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Are you among those who often face complains from their kids for not attending parent meetings held in their schools? This could probably because of the kind of work pressure you have been reeling through. Well, simply don’t let the work stress to hinder you from taking part into your personal life, and grab a handy reminder tool now. If you have failed to find such a tool then can try out the new GrizeR 1.7. It’s a perfect reminder tool that functions promptly to remind you of one-time or recurring events, holidays, tasks, etc. Not only this, but the program allows you to add your friends and family list with it, for selecting holidays or events to wish them. It reminds you by presenting a notification window with the option associated to send congratulations through e-mail.

The GrizeR runs within a pleasing console and places itself at system tray. Viewing the main screen, you get the Options panel that you have to utilize for recording and managing your reminder records. With the first provided option ‘People’ you can record name, birthday, sex, email, and specify holidays you want to congratulate them on. Moving to the next Reminders option, you can add, edit or delete events, holidays, birthdays, and other such occurrences. For recording an event it provides you with Reminder Settings dialog with options to enable reminder, enter message with reminder text, set it to be one-time or recurring reminder, specify date, and select reminder time. In addition, the dialog box contains another tab named as Sound to add your favorite sound to be played with reminder along with specifying it repeat playback and interval time. Further, it also allows you to check the nearest holidays along with list of people you’ve selected to congratulate. Moreover, you’re provided ‘Preferences’ option that lets you alter settings for program view and appearance, skin, and connection settings.

GrizeR is an efficient reminder application that helps you in remembering birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc, so that you can congratulate you loved ones. Citing its easily navigable options that support prompt functioning and effective performance, the application is found worthy to get a score of 3.5 rating points.

Publisher's description

GrizeR is a unique and easy-to-use reminder software with a people-oriented approach. With GrizeR you can manage a list of your friends and family and select the holidays you wish to congratulate them with.
At a proper time you will get the sound and visual notification and will have an opportunity to send the e-mail message directly from the program. GrizeR will remember to whom you have already sent the e-mails, so you can be sure, you never send any duplicate message.
The holidays list includes the holidays of the following countries: United Kingdom, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Ukraine and Russia. You can configure the program to show only the holidays of the desired country.
GrizeR supports the usual reminders as well. Create any number of the one-time or recurrent reminders you need.
Any reminder can be configured to launch a program, file or URL on every occurrence. Also reminders can send the notification e-mail messages to any desired address.
Version 2.2
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I like the interface. And the sliding pop-up notification window is really cute. It doesn`t grab the focus from the currently active window. Thus you can finish typing and then turn your attention to the reminder.
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